The Broker broker discord....

The Speech will go about the most important aspect of the trading on exchange markets - a choice of the broker - reliable, suitable, approaching on all parameter. It such problem becomes rather complex, as for beginning traders, so and for experienced profies.

Today exists the enormous amount of the broker firms, dealing and clearing centre (DC), giving their own facilities through Internet, on telephone, on special satellite line and etc. Name their all together and severally but not jointly - a Broker. Some of they differ the all-known, perennial experience of the work, excellent quality of the services and supports, provided to client, consisting of many millions internal capital, registration in state institutions on arbitration and control for exchange markets. Such are inherent one of the the most most important quality of the broker - Reliability

Exist and others, appeared "yesterday" and from nowhere, sending advertising jv on e-mail and disappearing also suddenly either as appeared... Such specifically dangerous for beginning traders, since in their own advertising message usually offer impossible mawkish and fairy-tale trading conditions.(..but free cheese all known where is found..) Recall, at the beginning initially its traders of the way (1998-1999), in Israel of the word of Forex did not yet know even employees of the banks( they and today, in my opinion, not powerfully changed). There were only forward transactions with draconian trading condition.

The Main forex brokers already then works in Europe and America. In that years in Russia dealling centres have begun to appear, as mushrooms after the rain also vapour(pair)-three-tuple of the months to burst, as soapy bubble.

From that times by our command were changed groups of ten broker, open hundred demo count in different company and detailed is studied before VWVsplit hairs any meny information on each of them. And so occurred every time, when broker ceased to correspond to requirements, or undermined our confidence, but that and in general changed the name of its company with all resulting consequence... In such situations we turned out to be around two years back, when appeared not strong, but itself unpleasant conflict with last broker - it is necessary was search for worthy change. The Counts already were not only personal, but also "investings", but direct its investor in unreliable office - already fraught consequence... In traders world (either as in everyday life) a great deal is built on recommendation.. In contact with colleague-profie I became be interested not analysis market and trade system, as previously, but broker, with which they successfully trade. It Was Realized that many, to whom I can entrust, already several years work with one and that- broker and very complacent. We have begun "to dig" and here is that turned out to be..

The Company is located in New Jersey (USA), is founded in 1999 professional with Wall Street, trade volume 40 bln (believe - much), clients in 140
countries of the world and support on many languages (including in russian). A Certain time facilities were given only "big" client, hedge funds, large
pecuniary institutions and investor. Afterwards was an open affiliated company for granting the brokerage services more retail investors, quotient traders, beginner. (Something like that, as enormous wholesale storehouse opens the point to retail business). Interested reader offer read about itself company and organizer. Main company is identified GAIN Capital, affiliated The Trading conditions rather usual for such companies: spread 3-5 pips on the main currency and a little on cross-country races more, 16 exchange vapour(pair)s, credit shoulder 1:100 Effective Monday, November 30, 2009 a new NFA compliance rule went into effect for all US regulated firms. The new rule dictates a 1% margin requirement for the major currencies, capping the maximum available leverage at 100:1. The new margin requirement for all other currencies will be 4% or 25:1 leverage.

, 3 trade platforms - main on java,simplified for internet browser (for access from any place,where no java) and Wireless (for functioning(working) throw cellular telephones and pocket computers). The Minimum deposit for opening of the minicount 250$.. Has In the beginning surprised in get prettier the sense of the word customer service in russian language - constant alive chat, free number telephone with many countries of the world, possibility to leave its number and get the bell from support... And all this really works as it is necessary! Has Afterwards pleased the quality of the performance warrant (as remitted, so and on the market). Also, turned out to be, company gives absolutely gratis fine thought-out API (Application Program Interface) -(Many or do not give in general or require the payment and considerable). In brief: API - a codes of the direct access to trade server of the broker; it is used by traders and developers for making the system to full automation to trade (making the trade robot,which by itself performs the deals on trade traders system). Else clients with count 1000$ and above get in use excellent soft for technical analysing Advancet GET and flow of the quotings and graph from all known of the supplier given eSignal. Traders, working with several counts investor, can get the facilities back-office that much comfortable (that is to say - a functioning on several counts from one, as it were joint account and all coming thereof counts).

Since time turned out to be, as in Israel already many introduce;make familiar with this broker and successfully co-operate. The Purpose of this article - spare the enormous amount of time and power, both beginner, and professional in such hard, but profitably deal, as trade on exchange markets. Any questions, critic and commentary request send to me.

Thank for attention and ingenious trade.

Forex trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Read full disclosure

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